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  • An Idea for a Memorable President’s Day

    “Happy President’s Day!” said no one ever. Up until this year, President’s Day has meant nothing more to me than a long weekend and killer sales. But this year is different. This year I’m reminded how desperately leaders on both sides of the aisle need our prayers. The truth is, they have always needed them. […]

  • When Lack of Margin Makes You a Maniac

    I was rushed, with a to-do list ten miles long and not much time to get it all done. Things had not gone as planned: an unexpected phone call telling me out-of-town guests were arriving early afternoon instead of late evening; a neighbor’s urgent need for help; a work deadline that demanded finishing, groceries to […]

  • Because You Want to Radiate, Don’t You?

    Is anyone else out there about to lose their mind listening to all the voices screaming for attention in the current political climate? Let me be clear: Dialogue is important. But dialogue is more than words. It’s also about what tone we communicate as we are communicating. All this has me thinking about our upcoming […]

  • Want to Know How to Transform Your Relationships in 7 Days?

    What if I told you I have the secret for creating healthier, happier relationships? Would you want to know the secret? Of course you would. You have more influence over your relationships than you probably realize.  Why? Because your words have the power to create healthy, life-giving relationships or create dysfunctional, draining ones. The Bible […]