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  • How to Know if I’m Doing the Right Thing

    It all started with two blue pills. No, not that kind. I’d been battling a cold for close to two weeks and just when I thought I might be getting better—bam!—things took a turn for the worse. I had a weekend long conference and needed to be able to focus without the nasty distraction of […]

  • Why You Should Live Confident, Content and Unafraid

    I just returned from speaking in Alabama and on the flight home I caught up on one of my favorite pleasures–travel-time reading. As I read, one line seemed to leap off the page. Recently I’ve had several conversations with women who feel stuck in some area of their life due to fear. I’m afraid I’ll […]

  • An Idea for a Memorable President’s Day

    “Happy President’s Day!” said no one ever. Up until this year, President’s Day has meant nothing more to me than a long weekend and killer sales. But this year is different. This year I’m reminded how desperately leaders on both sides of the aisle need our prayers. The truth is, they have always needed them. […]