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  • Do You Need a Moment to Breathe? BOOK GIVEAWAY DAY!!!

    Check all that apply: I write a “To Do” list Sometimes I have more things on my “To Do” list than I can realistically finish in a day I often feel like I live in my car I rarely have time to sit and relax (without feeling guilty) I frequently feel overwhelmed If you checked […]

  • When You Need Hope (and who doesn’t right now?)

    Sweet friends, with all the chaos that’s been happening in the world this week, I haven’t really known what to say. I arrived home from a week-long missions trip to Haiti late Saturday night, and woke up early Monday morning to the news of the Las Vegas shooting. All the pain in the world–in all […]

  • Do You Have “The Look”? (Because You Really Should)

    It all started with a look. The odd thing is, no one knew she was looking. My mom was shopping at Costco when a well-groomed woman tapped her on the shoulder. “Excuse me. I don’t mean to bother you, but I really need to talk to someone. I’ve been walking around the store, looking at […]