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  • Are You Ready to Be a Positive Person in a Negative World?

      “Did he just flip you off?” “He sure did.” “Why? You weren’t doing anything wrong.” “I know, but apparently something I did bugged him”. “Wow. Talk about an anger issue.” So went the conversation between JP and me Sunday afternoon… We were in a great mood, chatting happily on our way to a wedding. […]

  • For Every Mom Who Has to Let Go

    It’s mid-August and for many of us that means a transition for our kids–and, by default, for us. Maybe you’re sending a child off to college. Maybe you’re launching a child into adulthood. Maybe your baby is going to pre-school, or middle-school, or high school. For a mom, their transition is your transition. This afternoon […]

  • For When You Think, “I Need Help!”

    “Hey, Gang!  I could use some help!” Juggling overfilled bags of food, I open the door from the garage to our house and yell (nicely, I hope–I’ll have to ask my family later…) these words, virtually every time I arrive home after grocery shopping—assuming, of course, my hubby and/or one of the kids is home. […]