Get Healthy – Week 1

Get Healthy Week 1:  Healthy Mind = Healthy Me

What goes on in my mind determines what goes on in my soul and eventually, what comes out in my actions. A healthy mind—a mind filled with truth and God’s perspective on life—is the mind of a healthy, happy, whole individual. Wherever there is a lack of peace, a lack of love, a lack of hope, a lack of wisdom or a lack of faith, there is always a lack of health in our thinking. This week we’re tossing our stinkin’ thinkin’ in order to get healthy in our minds.

Kick starter Question: If you could change one thing to make your thinking healthier what would it be?

1.  The Bible mentions several types of minds. Read the following verses and indicate what type of mind is mentioned. Describe what each of these minds looks like in real life. The first one has been done for you.

  • Proverbs 1:22 (NASB) The simple mind – accepts things without really thinking them through. The simple minded person is easily prone to deception.
  • Proverbs 12:8
  • Isaiah 26:3
  • Matthew 16:23
  • 2 Corinthians 4:4
  • James 1:8 and James 4:8

A.  How does each kind of mind affect:

  • A person’s relationship with God?
  • A person’s relationship with others?
  • A person’s personal well-being?

2.  Worry, Fear, Jealousy, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, Hurt, Lust, Envy, Hatred, Bigotry, Ignorance; these things start in the mind, seep into the heart and eventually express themselves in actions. It’s not a pretty picture and it’s not healthy.

So how do we help our minds get healthy?

A.  Read Romans 8:5-8. We have a choice to set our minds on one of two things. What are they?

B.  What is the result of a mind set on the flesh? Share a way you have experienced this truth.

C.  What is the result of a mind set on the Spirit? Share a way you have experienced this truth.


3.  No one who wants to be healthy can willingly and consistently chose fleshly thinking—it’s a dead end that leads to nowhere good. So how do we choose to set our minds on the Spirit in real life? Look up the following verses and note what they say about what to do with your thinking:

A.  2 Corinthians 10:5

B.  Romans 12:2

C.  Philippians 4:8

4.  Look at Philippians 4:8 again, this time more closely. Write down everything you are to think about. The first one has been done for you.

1.    Whatever is true 5.
2. 6.
3. 7.
4. 8.


A.  Now we’re going to get practical. Think of one aspect of your thinking (ie. Worry, fear, lust, jealousy, bitterness, etc.) you struggle with (don’t worry, you won’t have to share this if you don’t want to—although you certainly can). As a group, discuss what happens when we DON’T think the way Phil 4:8 tells us to, using the list as your guide. (For example, when I don’t focus on the truth, my mind spins out of control with “what if’s” and vain imaginations. This always leads me down a path of fear and worry, which is most definitely unhealthy.)


B.  Look again at the eight things we are to think about. Considering your own thinking habits, pick one you will focus on this week. Share with your group. Be prepared to share how applying the principles found in God’s Word affected your thinking, your moods and your actions during the week.